Coca-Cola by DRx

Odor-proof underwear, 40 years of Virgin Records and a DIY digital microscope in this week's look at the web

Designer Dr Romanelli has successfully undertaken the task of repurposing one of the most iconic, globally embedded brand identities. In his clothing collaboration with Coca-Cola, Romanelli deconstructed—by way of hand-cutting—and rebuilt Coke workwear dating as far back as the 1940s. Saturated in Americana but incorporating ultra-modern streetwear style, the 200-piece collection includes lab coats, tunics and driving jackets. Each piece (sold at Opening Ceremony and Colette) comes complete with a Polaroid depicting the source material. Romanelli explains that Coke played a major part, from sharing their clothing archives, offering creative ideation and, most importantly, allowing him to experiment freely.