Welcome to the Redesign

No better way to celebrate our seventh anniversary than to launch a redesign


Here at Cool Hunting we love a good redesign and typically launch a new one every year or two. This time around (our fifth) took awhile to get out the door, but we’re so glad it’s here. It also happens to be our seventh anniversary, so what a great way to celebrate.

What follows is a walk-through of all the new features, but first I want to thank the tech team who helped build-out my design: Champ Bennett for front-end magic, Joel Niedfeldt for server-side love and our friends at Six Apart for the major MovableType overhaul.

Categories and Tags

You’ll notice in the nav that we brought back categories. From now on all stories will be filed in either Design, Tech, Style, Travel, Culture or Food + Drink. If you’re viewing a category the top of the right-side column will list the tags, or keywords, associated with that topic. Clicking on one of those tags will yield entries that fit in to both the selected category and the clicked tag.

Infinite Scroll

If bloggers have done nothing else for the internet browsing world, we’ve taught people how to scroll. Instead of making you click to get another page of content, all of our listing pages will simply load in more stories as you scroll.

A super-long page is all fine and good until you want to get back to the nav on the top. You’ll notice our nav bar minimizes and nests at the top of your browser as you start scrolling; all you need to do is rollover it to show it again—no need to scroll back to the top of the page.

Multiple Views

The home page prominently displays our most recent feature articles from each category, followed by a chronological summary of stories. For old-schoolers who just want to read full stories in sequence, there’s the All view. For the more visual, view all Features in a giant grid. To just watch our videos, check out the Video wall. And for the page-turners, use the previous and next thumbnails on article pages to browse linearly.

Maps and Galleries

From now on whenever we write about a place we’ll include a map so you can see where it is. We have more plans for mapping so stay tuned for updates.

To better accommodate lots of photos we’ve added a slideshow gallery like the one in this story.

More to Come

Now that we’re gotten over this giant hurdle it will be easier to add new features and enhancements, so expect more soon.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the redesign so let us know your thoughts.