COOL HUNTING Video: Design Master Classes

COOL HUNTING and Heineken host a series of conversations for Milan Design Week 2013

Heineken invited us to create a way to engage the design community surrounding Milan Design Week 2013. We developed a series of Master Classes, each featuring a prominent designer and professor from the Milanese design community, paired with a group of students. Each of our three Master Classes explored creativity and innovation in design across all platforms, making a connection to the local design community that we now share with you.

Master Class 1

Masters: Yves Behar and Emmanuel Gallina; Students: Nelly Maye, Andrea Santaterra, Alexey Bykov, Ilya Tkach and Rodoin Usaev

Master Class 2

Masters: Alex Mustonen and Stefano Caggiano; Students: Alina Erimia, Vanessa Boccia, Andrea Rekalidis, Chiara Leonardi and Marina Vitale

Master Class 3


Masters: Luca Nichetto and Giorgio Grande; Students: Roberto Corraza, Sergio Romeo and Andrea Segato

A special thanks to Heineken for giving us the opportunity to create something we felt would add to the conversation, and to designers Yves Behar, Alex Mustonen and Luca Nichetto and professors Emmanuel Gallina, Giorgio Grandi and Stefano Caggiano.

As a finale to the design week events, Henineken and the judges—including our own Evan Orensten—selected the winner of the second edition of Heineken Your Future Bottle Design Challenge. Check out all the final bottle designs and the winner in Heineken’s video. Congrats to the winner, Fernando Degrossi, and to everyone who was part of the Cool Hunting Master Class series.