Cody Hudson for GoodShape Design


Multimedia artist Cody Hudson is the first to take part in the GoodShape Design artist series run. The limited edition series consists of silk screened 18×24 prints made on heavy stock acid-free paper and t-shirts printed on the trusted American Apparel tee.

GoodShape founder and designer Wayne Pate isn't going for a high-level concept here, he's simply including artists that he finds inspiring personally. Rather than capitalize on current fads or who's popular at the moment, we appreciate how the collection is a more honest curation of timeless and fun design.

The next artist on deck is Tyler Askew of Rude Movements. Wayne comments, "besides Tyler I have a few people in mind but I will keep that under my hat for now." We'll just have to keep checking back.

The prints go for $50 and are limited to an edition of 50 and the t-shirts cost $30. Pick up both at the GoodShape Online Shop.