Bodega Vinyl Wall Art

Flout diplomacy with Dicks of the World decals


Bodega collaborated with a number of artists to bring a little street art to your living room wall. With vinyl as their medium, artists Cody Hudson, Barry McGee, Hisham Bharoocha, Steve Harrington and Michael Leon made prints that make an affordable way to add something special to your wall. The collection is eco-friendly, temporary and made for indoors.

One notably provocative print, Michael Leon’s “Dicks of the World” depicts said appendage in various sizes with the markings of flags from various countries of the world—but he doesn’t discriminate. Fun and unpretentious, the theme will surely liven up any room. You can choose your wang by country and Bodega will provide you with the tools needed to paste it to the wall.

The vinyl quality is at gallery standards, making your home a backdrop to a collection of art unparalleled to your neighbors. The art is meant to last up to five years, by then maybe you will have been inspired to try a new country. Pick up the series online at Third Drawer Down.