David Stark Design’s Whimsical, Unexpected Menorahs

Eight functional works of art incorporating everything from doughnuts to paperclips

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Known for elaborate gala dinner set pieces, table arrangements of extraordinary depth and creativity, as well as immersive event production and collaborative products, David Stark—founder and creative director of David Stark Design—has just unveiled a new project that reimagines Hanukkah’s classic centerpiece, the menorah. Stark and his team succeeds in honoring the traditional piece, but goes so far as to lend his signature whimsicality. Through eight menorahs, one for each night of Hanukkah, Stark channels the concepts of food, light, dedication and more. There’s a lightly comedic magic to his vision, something we’ve been observing since his partnership with Culture Lab Detroit.

“Last year, on night one of Hanukkah, I was uncharacteristically inspired to light the candles, when it suddenly occurred to me that I didn’t even own a menorah. Looking around the kitchen for a quickie solution, I grabbed a potato and a paring knife, and shazam: the ready-made menorah was born,” Stark explains to CH. It didn’t stop there. “We’ve been having a blast turning anything in our reach into a menorah,” he continues, “The options are pretty endless… and hysterical.” Humor is certainly present, but so is the considered ingenuity found in all of Stark’s creations.

Images by Corrie Hogg, David Stark Design