Don Moyer’s Calamityware Dinner Plates

Not-so-traditional dishes depicting hilariously catastrophic scenarios

The Willow pattern is both highly recognizable and also seeped in history. Still popular now, the (most commonly) blue and white floral style was inspired by the porcelain the English were importing from China in the 18th Century—and now graphic designer Don Moyer is creating his very own subversive version with Calamityware.

Moyer’s deceptive designs seem—at first glance—like regular Willow plates, but upon closer inspection, all kinds of hell is breaking loose. From frightening sea monsters to swarms of flying monkeys, UFOs, pirates and giant robots, the plates’ tranquil scenes are being dramatically interrupted. While the first five plates in the project have been confirmed (some of which are already available for purchase), the final and sixth plate is still being considered; Moyer is tossing up between a volcano, Sasquatch, pterodactyls, bats, alligators and several other—unlikely and comical—invasions.

calamity-2.jpg Calamityware-5.jpg

Calamityware plates are porcelain, food safe and able to be put in a microwave or dishwasher. Two plates—the flying monkey invasion and giant robot—are available in Moyer’s online shop where price vary, but start at $30. Dinner plate number three (the sea monster) is currently funded on Kickstarter, with the others to follow.

This is Colossal, images courtesy This is Colossal