Electric Confetti LED Neon Lights

Brighter, more colorful home decor

In the seemingly endless world of interior decorating, lighting gets a lot of attention—and rightly so; the amount of light in a room affects everything within it. One very retro and increasingly popular option is neon lighting. From vintage signs to personalized messages, there’s a bold option for just about every taste—oftentimes with a bold price to match. While not exactly cheap, Australia’s Electric Confetti offers more affordable options. The brainchild of Melbourne-based designer and illustrator Natalie Jarvis, Electric Confetti makes lights from LED neon flex, which is less expensive, more durable and more energy efficient.

The lights are mostly cutesy, cartoonish designs—fluffy clouds, colorful ice creams—and would work well in a kids’ room. But Jarvis also offers custom designs which take just six to eight weeks. Each light is mounted on high-quality clear acrylic backing that can be cut to shape to fit your space and comes complete with screws for easy wall-mounting and a two-meter power cord. Perhaps most impressive is the remote control which can dim and brighten the light (the lowest being just 5%) depending on your mood.

Browse the designs online, where prices start at $229.

Images courtesy of Electric Confetti