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Erickson Longboards

Channel your inner Z-Boy with a smooth longboard handcrafted from reclaimed wood


An ideal board for leisurely cruising the streets or for more strenuous sidewalk surfing, Seattle-based Erickson Longboards offer a smooth ride with a sustainable sensibility. Carved from fallen trees and reclaimed wood, the boards are incredibly strong and stable as well as easy on the environment.

erick-long5.jpg erick-long6.jpg

Designed by adventurist Bill Erickson, the longboards are crafted from walnut and cherry trees sourced around central Missouri, hardwoods from Oregon and Washington as well as a run of limited-edition boards carved out of madrone, sycamore and elm.

erick-long8.jpg erick-long7.jpg

Each 47″-long board is beautifully handcrafted and mounted onto large colorful wheels, providing a solid platform for any level of experience. Erickson Longboards sell online as well as at the Fremont Farmers Market in Seattle for $299.


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