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Sound artist Diego Stocco—featured here previously for his Music From a Tree—has gone and reinvented a musical instrument again. When he contacted us recently to tell us about it, he could barely contain his excitement.


“I have a new video that I'd like to show you,†he wrote. “I created an instrument by combining a violin, a viola, a cello and a double bass!â€

And what an instrument. Experibass, as the Italian-born artist based in Los Angeles christened it, thumps, scratches, growls, screeches and stomps to create something that has to be seen and heard to be understood. (Check out the above video.) We're looking forward to Stocco's next installment.


To read more about unconventional Stocco's unconventionally creative work, read our recent interview in which he divulges what it's all about.