Floyd’s New Furniture for Urban Living

The table leg makers launch of collection of portable pieces like a leaning coat rack and bench set

Last year, Detroit design company Floyd introduced its clever, clamp-on Floyd Leg, which made it possible to create a table out of any flat surface: which took some of the hassle out of relocating. Now, the Floyd Legs creatorsKyle Hoff and Alex ODellare branching into more apartment essentials. This month, they’ve launched a small range of new products under the Floyd name, all of which adhere to their original design ethos of products that move with you. Cool Hunting took a look at the new collection at its recent London launch and spoke with the design duo about their new work.

The line consists of a leaning coat rack, a series of tabletop objects like a candle holder, and the Floyd Bench Setwhich is a continuation of the Floyd Leg idea. The Floyd Bench is a framework that allows you to make a bench from any surface. Its incredibly sturdy, as the corner legs utilize two cross-bracing straps for strength. A bench has a ton of great uses in small apartmentsyou can use it as a bench (duh!) but also as a shelf, coffee table or a daybed, says co-founder Alex ODell.

Like Floyds previous work, everything in the collection is portable and easy to handle. The Floyd Coat Rack comes in its own fabric case, so that when the rack, which is made from metal tubing, is taken apart, its simple to carry with you. It was inspired by a manufacturer Floyd works with that makes tubes. Many of the factories we work with are multi-generational, family-owned operations. They work in a wide range of industries that require extreme precision and innovation, and we look to their processes and strengths when were designing new products, ODell says.

As well as the bench legs and coatrack, Floyd has also come up with a set of tabletop products: a candle holder, book clips and maildrop. The smaller pieces are pared-back and catch the eye with their sleek design, while still giving the collection a pleasingly coherent look.

Floyds aim for the future is to continue making products for todays urban travelers. Floyd is about rethinking the culture of furniture consumption with innovative pieces that are adaptable, ship out (day of order) to your door and last. Our first product was designed as a reaction to disposable furniturepieces that are cheap but end up in a landfill once its time to move. It’s been a process over the past couple years of designing around how people are truly living in cities, co-founder Kyle Hoff concludes.

Images courtesy of Floyd