Floyd’s Attachable Birch Headboard

An affordable addition to the web-based brand's signature item

Over the past few years, a never-before-seen burst of interest in simple, well-designed bedroom items struck the direct-to-consumer e-commerce market. One of the brands leading this movement, Detroit-based Floyd, introduced a beautiful bed platform for under $500 by way of Kickstarter in January 2014. The accessible price defied the trend of similarly priced disposable furniture pieces at the time. Unlike many other brands, Floyd put out sturdy products that could be disassembled and reassembled with relative ease. Today, they’ve debuted the three-piece Floyd headboard. It’s made from real birchwood, can easily be attached and removed, and requires no tools. Floyd’s queen-sized bed platform has long been one of their best sellers. This is an extension of the platform’s success. The large, angled attachment makes for a handsome addition, all while demonstrating that the brand’s been listening to its consumers.

You can purchase the Floyd headboard (only in queen-size, at present) online for $235.

Images courtesy of Floyd