Fossil’s New Monochromatic Intern-Created Wristwatch, The Design Major

Industrial design student Benjamin Hoffman crafts a dynamic, post-minimal timepiece

From the gunmetal finishing to the partial, diagonal pattern on the dial, Fossil‘s new 42mm, Quartz Design Major wristwatch represents a welcome development from the overly basic, minimally designed timepieces that have dominated the market for some time. And, rightfully so—it’s refreshing. Perhaps even more impressive, however, is the fact that it was designed by one of Fossil’s summer interns, student of Industrial Design at the University of Cincinnati, Benjamin Hoffman.

For the brand’s Curator Series, Hoffman sought to pair a vintage look with an industrial feel, tapping into popular minimal forms but also “injecting textures,” he says. He does so with tremendous balance, supported by the materials, which include a stainless steel case and mesh strap. There’s a lot of personality here, but it comes in monochromatic form—with some aesthetic shine. For a brand to trust their intern in such a way is remarkable, but the result is even more so.

The limited edition Design Major is available online now for $155.

Images by Cool Hunting