The World’s Smallest Martini Bar

An old, refurbished French camionnette tours the world

This past week we took time to learn about the three martini lunch in the world’s smallest martini bar. In fact, it’s a former French bread delivery van that features two small stools and a functional bar tucked into the back. Owned by Grey Goose, this camionnette alludes to the Picardie, France wheat used in the making of the vodka. But inside the van, guests get a sense of their specific, desired martini taste profile.

The camionnette has been making its way around the world for a while now. It’s presently in Chicago with next stops scheduled for SF, LA and Miami before it returns to Europe. Unfortunately, it’s invitation-only for now but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth seeking out when in town—if only to take a look. It’s intimate, thoughtful and acted as a refresher to the various ways martinis are put together. There’s plenty of variation within the classic cocktail that allow consumers to tailor it to their precise desires and tastes. Perhaps unsurprisingly, we liked the Five to One, which references the ratio of vodka to vermouth.

Share image courtesy of Ragged Edge, all other images courtesy of Grey Goose