Gifts for Your Valentine

Cheeky valentines, tree top beds, raw chocolate and other ways to woo

Finding a suitable gift for your partner is not always easy, especially on what many might argue is a manufactured holiday—but it’s still love we’re celebrating, and there’s nothing wrong with that. To get into the spirit—some of us with full abandon, others more begrudgingly—we’ve added a range of sweet, sexy and significant tokens of affection to the Cool Hunting Gift Guide. Here, a few highlights.

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Lazy Oaf Valentines

Nothing captures the sentiment of quirky young love quite like a giggle-inducing card from London’s Lazy Oaf. Share your feelings with one of their myriad Valentines Day designs.

Grow Love with Me

From Yoko Ono, Grow Love with Me is a piece of conceptual yet functional art that is comprised of an aluminum can and a dormant bean. After a few days, the seed sprouts and splays open to display the word “love,” and the plant can later be transported to be grown in the ground.

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Heart Cocktail Rings

Shower the tops of your fingers with a little love from NYC-based jewelry designer Jules Kim, whose newHeart Cocktail Rings harmoniously marry elegance with downtown style.

Utility Ring

For your favorite handyman is this clever accessory from Boone Rings, which at first blush appears as a simple titanium ring but opens to reveal an array of fully functional tools, including a serrated blade, bottle opener and more.

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Cocoon Tree Bed

Sleep in the treetops with this temporary spherical structure. Made of tarpaulin-covered aluminum poles, it has a wood floor covered with a high-density foam mattress and includes sheets and a duvet for the ultimate glamping experience.

Chunky Love

Chunky love is a collection of four delectable bars from Brooklyn’s Fine & Raw chocolatiers. Included in the sample pack are truffle, scotch, coconut and almond flavors packed between high-quality beans sourced from Ecuador.

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Rhoede Underwear

The unbranded offerings from Rhoede are top of the heap for well-crafted men’s essentials, and it isn’t hard to pick a good fit from the simple white and black stock of briefs and trunks. As an added bonus, the snug-fitting tighty whities are likely to leave him feeling, well…confident.

Kama Sutra

This must-have tome receives a spicy update with new Indian artworks accompanying the instructional text, originally written by Mallana-ga Va-tsya-yana and translated by Captain Sir Richard Francis Burton.