Giro Empire SLX

Inspired by football boots, these high-performance road cycling shoes lace up and incorporate cutting-edge materials


With the Tour de France under way and road riding season in full swing, there’s no better time to geek out over the latest technical cycling gear. Helmet and accessories maven Giro has been shaking things up in their design department recently. Following the successful launch of their functional and stylish New Road collection, the Santa Cruz, California-based brand presents their latest innovative offering: the Empire SLX road shoes. Bypassing the plastic buckles found on most contemporary cycling shoes, Giro turned to cycling’s roots and football boot design for their KDL Techno Lace system. Laces allow for a more nuanced fit, giving greater support to a wider variety of foot shapes while reducing hotspots—a welcome feature, especially on long rides. The Easton EC90 SLXII Outsole ensures maximum stiffness for efficient power output while the single piece of highly breathable Teijin Evofiber on the upper keeps the shoes to 175 grams, making them among the lightest on the market.

Expect to see the Giro Empire SLX on more than a few riders in the peloton (and likely leading the pack) at the Tour de France this month. Pick up a pair of your own in orange or crisp white this fall for $350. Visit Giro for more info.

Image courtesy of Giro