“Growth” at Design Pavilion, Astor Place Plaza

Unconventional planters are featured in this outdoor exhibition during NYCxDesign

During the hubbub of NYCxDesign, it’s delightful to unexpectedly walk into a public exhibition in a convenient outdoor location. It’s even more fun when it concerns something as accessible (in price and concept) as planters and vases. Under the Design Pavillon at Astor Place Plaza, “Growth” showcases some beautiful work from designers who take plant holders to the next level. Organized and curated by American Design Club, the exhibition refreshingly made up of not-yet household names and new talent to keep an eye on.

Designers were asked to create an object that could hold, promote and/or sustain growth, with all pieces needing the ability to go into production for their respective marketplace. The results are anything but formulaic. An upside-down take-out container by Detroit-based FPB Studio and Dan Elkin allows orchids and other plants to grow down. A striking bubble-shaped aquarium (home to a betta fish) by Juan Carlos Trapp reflects and warps the world around the air plants. “Medusa,” a crazy bentwood piece by Jenny Wong-Stanley’s Art of Plants is a remarkable feat of workmanship. Pictured below are Justin Bailey’s single-stem Poche Vase and Ryan Heinz’ hybrid bonsai planter and jewelry catchall “Cove.” All in all, a terra cotta pot sometimes just doesn’t do the beauty and diversity of plants justice—but this exhibition is filled with those who’ve done a great job.

Catch the exhibition (sponsored by Fab, The Sill and the Molecule Water Store) under the Design Pavillon at Astor Place Plaza, through 11 May 2016. Admission is free. Tomorrow 10 May, meet the designers from 6-8PM during their Designer Party.

Takeout hanging planter image courtesy of FPB studio, Poche Vase image courtesy of Justin Bailey, all other images courtesy of American Design Club