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Halo Edition Creates Glorious Spectrums of Color

Project sunset-like color art in your home or office

Designed to produce optical works of art, Mandalaki’s Halo Edition comprises a collection of patented lighting instruments—for use in homes, offices or even galleries—that produce varying auras of red, yellow, gold, purple, and blue light. The sunset-like presentation is possible due to thousands of hours of research into the process of isolating frequencies of white light and how refraction can create distinguishable lines and unique blurs. Different models of the Halo Edition—like the One, EVO, Big, Up, and Sky—create different spectrums of color thanks to their unique optical color lenses and their subtle variations in its design.

“We designed the Halo to fit different environments in delicate ways,” Mandalaki’s US partner, Konstantin Elchev, says. “The Halo collection features five styles, each carved from a solid plate of high-end black anodized aluminum and assembled in Milan using high-quality iron, brass, and glass. What we try to do is create an object that has the sense to exist and, most importantly, allows people to experiment. In this case, we wanted to calm down the human being and bring the natural feeling of the sunset into every home.”

“The optical head,” Elchev continues, “is flexible and has a 360-degree rotating radius, allowing for endless light set-ups and designs. Perfect for indoor and outdoor spaces.” The object’s height is also adjustable. “We want people to use Halos like an optical brush, painting an environment with shapes and hues.” Whether that may be as an aid to meditation, mood lighting for studios or performances, or even a dim glow for reading, the use cases are seemingly endless—especially since the projection itself feels more hazy sunset than neon sign.

As such, Elchev insists that the Halo Edition instills a sense of curiosity in owners. For the team of designers at Mandalaki, experimentation is at the core of this launch as well. Elchev tells us that the grandfather of Enrico De Lotto (a Mandalaki co-founder) was an “oculist doctor who opened the first museum of the history of glasses in Cadore, Italy—where the first bifocals were manufactured. We inherited many optics, and so we started to experiment with them.”

Starting at $1099, each of the Halo Edition iterations are available now and take approximately three weeks to manufacture.

Images courtesy of Mandalaki + Marco Menghi


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