HANGDSGN’s CLING Magnetic Clothing Hanger

The space-efficient and eco-friendly way to store clothes

Not everybody is lucky enough to have giant walk-in wardrobes—and with that in mind, Chicago-based HANGDSGN‘s mission is to provide a minimalist, space-efficient way of storing clothes. Their name is an acronym, standing for “Home of Aspirations N Great Design,” and they’re creating unique products for household use that make life easier.

Their CLING Magnetic Clothing Hanger is a modern take on the traditional hanger—without the hassle of hooks. It’s not only a more clean look, but also takes some of the weight pressure off of the rack. The ABS plastic hangers are fitted with durable and long-lasting Neodymium magnets (with a life span of up to 10 years), which can hold up to 2.5 pounds. Another feature is a detachable hook that can either be used on the hangers or on walls and doors.

Support HANGDSGN and their CLING Magnetic Clothing Hangers on their Kickstarter page with an entry-level pledge of $19 securing you three hangers and detachable hooks.

Images courtesy of HANGDSGN