Hellga: The World’s First Women-Specific Fat Bike

Test riding the beast through snow-covered mountains in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

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For riding through snow fields, mountains, the beach and just about any other place your adventuring might occur, the Hellga from Specialized is the world’s first women-specific fat bike. The bike has a muscular, stocky build—a shorter reach, stack and shorter cranks—and is made to handle anything thrown in its way.

We tested the Hellga on groomed trails on the picturesque property of Turpin Meadows in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The Hellga charged all the flatter trails as expected, but we were especially impressed with its performance on the uphills in the afternoon, when the snow was at its softest. The bike felt powerful and stable, even on steep descents on the melting slippery snow. Further, it felt more comfortable than any gender-neutral fat bike with little to no repositioning of the body needed to stabilize or climb.

The next day we took the Hellga to a trail along the Snake River levee. The trail wasn’t manicured like Turpin, but packed with skiers and bike-riders alike. The Hellga was a beast on the pack and its lower top tube made stopping for those scenic photo ops of wildlife a cinch. The Hellga also charged through untracked snow like a champ.

The Hellga comes in three different models (with prices starting at a discounted $1,299) and each comes standard with a Specialized M4 Aluminum frame.

Images courtesy of Jay Nel-McIntosh