Holiday Gift Guides 2019: Gifts That Give Back

Giving a gift to a loved one as well as a person you'll never meet is special, significant and satisfying

In December, our collective consumerism can reach a fever pitch and prompt some very real self-reflection regarding our approach to the festive season. With this in mind, we encourage readers to donate time or money—if possible—to organizations like The Trevor Project, Everytown, KivaRAICES, Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Sometimes, though, you can buy a present that a loved one will adore and give to an important cause at the same time, as some brands donate part of their proceeds from specific products.

With apparel, art, cookbooks, cosmetics, jewelry and so much more, our Gifts That Give Back guide overflows with ideas that will have far-reaching, positive effects. All year, but perhaps especially during the festive season, it’s important to remember we’re all in this together—and we’re each doing our best. If you’re in need of more gift ideas, visit our BUY section for daily updates.

Hero image courtesy of Slow Factory