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Insight Candles

Rebel-inspired home accessories from down under

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Insight, a line of women’s and men’s clothing born from the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia, has introduced their latest addition, Insight Collectibles. As a way to turn their collection of graphic tees, vintage-inspired maxi dresses, and après-surf gear into a comprehensive lifestyle brand, they’re launching home accessories with a series of stark white candles in unique and off-kilter designs. The debut pieces offer a peek inside the mind of Insight Creative Director Steve Gorrow as he incorporates his favorite oddities and eccentricities into wax form.

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For what some may consider a mainstream brand, Insight has taken an alternative route by diving head first into atmosphere accessories with provocative pieces at an affordable price point. The brand boasts a global team of skate and surf talent like Jamie Thomas, Daniel Shimizu, Warren Smith, and Kai Otton, and has explored the boundaries of artistic freedom through their Garage Art program which includes artists like Magda Sayeg, Simone Decker and Madsaki. The range of candles provides a new perspective to illuminating a room and the items, which include a doll’s torso, an eagle skull, a human heart and iconic revolution insignia, double as small pieces of art.

Each candle is made with scented natural wax and will be available from January 2012 onward for $49 through Insight’s e-shop.


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