Homesick Candles

Hand-poured and made to smell like your favorite state

Crafted to remind people of their favorite state, Homesick Candles are made by a group of individuals who each moved away from the place they call home. The hand-poured, soy wax candles have distinctive fragrances—from Vermont’s tinges of maple syrup and fall foliage to Texas’ leather and sage—and aim to tap into those memories that scents conjure up so powerfully.

We tested out the Northern California, Southern California, Oregon and New York candles, and were pleased that NY didn’t smell of the city in summer. Rather it offered a strong aroma of evergreen, spice and apple. Our favorite was Southern California, which boasts a salty ocean breeze scent, supported by florals and maybe even a bit of citrus. Whether or not you feel like the candles truly smell like the state they’re rep, the wholesome vibe of a Homesick Candle is enough to feel a little warm and fuzzy. Another bonus is that the design is minimal, but sophisticated and while the messaging is sweet, the aesthetics aren’t overly sentimental or flowery.

Each fragrance that we tried was very strong, so these candles might not be for those with highly sensitive senses of smell. Homesick Candles are available online for $30, and each one burns for 60 to 80 hours.

Images by Cool Hunting