Introducing the Magnificent Maserati MC20 Supercar

For the first time, a vehicle conceived, designed, engineered, prototyped and tested entirely in Modena, Italy

In our first public (but socially distanced) event since the beginning of the pandemic, our Italian correspondent was on site in Modena, Italy for the launch of Maserati‘s MC20 supercar. Within a vast racetrack and in front of a screen more reminiscent of an open-air cinema, dozens of historic Maseratis were on view along with the newest member of the prestigious automaker’s family. After videos celebrating the brand’s countless firsts (including the invention of the granturismo, with the 3500 GT) and the people who continue to make its history (from Maria Teresa de Filippis, the first woman to qualify in a Formula 1 race, to Giovanni Soldini with Maserati Multi70), the MC20 appears.

For the first time we see not only a 100% made-in-Italy Maserati, but also one made entirely in Modena. Everything was conceived, designed, engineered, prototyped and tested right here, where the company has been based for decades. Nettuno, the V6 engine of the MC20, was born in Modena—and it is the result of five years of design, engineering and development. Both Nettuno and the MC20 are built completely in-house, in the historic factory in Viale Ciro Menotti (where we enjoyed a spectacular dinner to honor its closing and retooling for a bright new future).

The first big visual update is butterfly doors. This design element demonstrates this car boasts undeniable sport appeal. The car’s lines are extremely fluid and clean. We immediately notice the absence of the moving spoiler, a choice that guarantees optimal airflow and no visual distraction. On the back there is also a stylized, almost abstract, signature trident. The slim headlights make the best possible use of the LEDs within. The front grille is pure Maserati style; low and rounded like in the historic MC12.

The design of the MC20 balances the aggressiveness of a supercar and the harmony of the landscapes of Modena. There are no sharp edges or harsh points; rather the shape is smooth and elegant, with the promise of pure performance. As pointed out by the design team, the first models were sculpted by hand in order to recover a tradition that dates back to 1914—the year Maserati was founded.

Color plays a critical role in the MC20. The event’s debut car is in Bianco Audace, an iridescent white that reveals delicate blue reflections in the light. Other colors in the range are Blu Infinito (which combines blue with the effects of a ceramic surface), Grigio Mistero (inspired by liquid metal), Rosso Vincente, Giallo Genio and Nero Enigma. The sound of a Maserati is important as well, and we heard the magical sounds of the new Nettuno engine. Sound for entertainment is also important, and with the arrival of the MC20 a new partnership with Sonus faber, the acclaimed speaker company from nearby Arcugnano, also debuts with an exclusive partnership, powering the car with a 12 channel, 12 speaker, 695 watt custom designed system and an all made in Italy double play.

Accompanying the launch of the MC20, the brand introduces Maserati Fuoriserie, a new car customization service created in collaboration with Garage Italia. From today onward, each customer will be able to customize their Maserati through three programs, or “style paths.” The first, Corse, is dedicated to the past, with traditional materials and historical colors. The second program, Unica, focuses on the present, with the latest advancements in mind. The third, Futura, focuses on innovation and is conceived for customers who are not afraid to pursue an avant-garde car.

This customization program allows clients to create truly unique collectibles and can be applied to all cars in production—and from the end of this year, to the MC20. Materials, finishes and colors will be updated regularly, in order to guarantee contemporaneity. Options range from sophisticated leathers to windshield finishes as well as metal engravings.

The new customization service finds a place inside the historic factory in Via Ciro Menotti, which has been completely renovated over the last two years and is now dedicated to the production of the MC20. As Modena is imbued in the vehicle, the vehicle also represents the city through every detail. The purity, energy, elegance and unique nature of the MC20 combine to completely represent Maserati’s passion.

Images by Paolo Ferrarini