Solebox x Hypebeast x Adidas: Zeitfreis Cycling Sneakers


Later this month, Adidas will introduce Zeitfrei, its new line of cycling-inspired shoes. For the first offerings, they opted for a pair of collaborations, one with the preeminent sneaker site Hypebeast and the other with the Berlin-based boutique Solebox.

Both feature a low-profile design with technical elements specifically made for fixed-gear cycling. Perforated uppers give ventilation and subtle reflective accents surround the shoes' base and highlight the embossed heel logo. To prevent laces from getting stuck in the gears, Zeitfreis provide a neoprene pocket marked with each brand's logo. A stiffer outsole and treaded forefoot ensure improved pedal feel and grip, while retaining enough comfort for wear during those non-cycling moments.


As if this collaboration wasn't enough, Adidas also brought Bianchi into the fold. The venerable Italian bike company made a pair of one-off show bikes to match the aesthetics and colorway of each Zeitfrei shoe. The bikes will make the rounds through Bianchi retail stores, before going up for a charity auction.


Each shoe is individually etched with a number and each design is limited to 100 pairs. The shoes will begin their release 23 May 2009 at the Solebox store (for 110€, along with a complimentary Solebox air pump). And on the 29th, you can get them online through Hypebeast for $198 with the addition of a cycling cap, Cordura messenger bag and carry-all sling bag.