Jeremy Scott + Google Pixel Live Cases

Interactive protection in bright colors, along with a special emoji keyboard

For all the acclaim circulating around Google’s Pixel smartphone—from its camera technology to the substantial benefits it offers to anyone who uses any and every other Google service—only a small portion has been dedicated toward their Live Case functionality. For those not familiar with the product, it’s a protection device that utilizes an NFC connection to send the case design to the phone for use as wallpaper—making one cohesive visual design object outside and in. With the launch of the Pixel and Pixel XL, Google allowed buyers to design their own Live Cases but also tapped into some tremendous talent (prior to this release we’ve been using an interstellar one designed by Commander Chris Hadfield). Yesterday, Google announced a new collaboration with fashion designer Jeremy Scott, who’s become known for delightfully ostentatious pieces. It’s not Scott’s first go at case design—his previous contributions drew inspiration from French fries and prescription pill bottles. These Pixel cases don’t come in odd shapes, but they do offer up some zany signature characters—all in statement colors.

A case shouldn’t motivate the purchase of a phone, but that isn’t the point here. As far as what’s on the market now, the Google Pixel really does deliver benefits aplenty beyond their competitors. Further, its intuitive construct makes adapting from the iOS mindset quite simple. But with a Jeremy Scott collaboration, Google demonstrates their commitment to equipping consumers with a fashion-forward lifestyle. This is one of the reasons Scott didn’t just offer up cases, but designed his own accompanying emoji keyboard (known as J’emoji). And as we know, this 360-degree lifestyle approach works well for the iPhone.

The Jeremy Scott + Google Live Cases are available online now through January 2017, for $40 each. In addition to Pixel and Pixel XL compatibility, these cases also work with the Nexus 5X and 6P phones.

Lead image courtesy of BFA, all other images courtesy of Jeremy Scott