Justkids + Camille Walala’s Colorful Gas Station

The corner of Grand Ave and 11th St in Fort Smith, Arkansas has been transformed by women-led global creative house Justkids and French artist Camille Walala. Named Walala Pump & Go, the ’50s-era gas station is now a bright, bold and playful piece of public art. The colorful patterns that now cover the structure were inspired by the artist’s “travels, the Memphis movement, optical art masters and the Southern Ndebele tribe women.” Plenty of locals helped out with the project, including artist Nate Meyers. Curator for Justkids, Charlotte Dutoit says, “After five years of curating diverse visual projects in Fort Smith, I learned that a big part of good place-making is creating community and a sense of re-discovery of the beauty that is there, in the city, all along, and Camille’s work does just that.” See more at designboom.