Lasvit Tour de France Trophy 2013

The world's most celebrated bicycle race marks its 100th year with a hand-blown crystal trophy

Lasvit-Tour-de-France-2013.jpg Lasvit-Tour-de-France-trophy-2013.jpg

As the 100th Tour de France came to close on Sunday, 21 July, Briton Chris Froome hoisted the trophy for the first time. While the athletic accomplishment is an impressive one, the sculptural trophy itself is commendable as well. Produced by designer Peter Olah for Czech glassmakers Lasvit for the jubilee year of the race, the hand-blown and hand-cut trophy achieves an elegant balance; being both delicate and robust at once.


As luck would have it, Lasvit actually produced four trophies—one for the overall winner, best under-25 rider, best sprinter and best climber—with the beautifully frosted, cross-hatched trophy going to Froome. Standing at two feet tall and weighing nearly eight pounds, the overall winner’s trophy features a layer of opal glass which has been hand-ground to reveal a glistening, precise geometric pattern that seems to remarkably capture light. Lasvit has been commissioned to produce the Tour’s trophies for some time now, and we’re already looking forward to seeing what next year’s season may bring.

Images courtesy of Lasvit