Lin Morris

Two design editors open up shop to peddle an international selection of quality wares

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As discerning editors at WGSN-homebuildlife, London-based Ali Morris and NYC-based Jean Lin are perpetually traversing the globe in search of new design talent. After a year of traveling around together, the two teamed up to form Lin Morris, an online initiative peddling a selection of what they call “quietly brilliant” design finds and exclusive designer collaborations. “Our taste is pretty much a reaction to the huge amount of trade shows that we visit and the amount of unnecessary objects we see—everything in the store is very pared back, handcrafted and sourced directly from the makers themselves,” explains Morris.

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In addition to the shop—which includes items like leather goods crafted in Wisconsin, cashmere blankets hand-woven in Scotland, Irish kettles, jewelry from Virginia and more—Lin and Morris run an equally compelling blog that highlights the designers behind the products as well as intriguing projects they come across in their work and travels. While they share a similar aesthetic, Morris explains they still keep a running discourse on design that benefits the site. “The fact that we are in different countries means a lot of Skype conversations but it also gives us a better perspective on the industry,” she says.

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The industrious duo are also working on a series of limited-edition pieces, created in response to a specific brief they give each designer. Rory Panagotopulos’ Popsicle-inspired skateboard decks launched the set of exclusives, and this June will see the addition of a woven necklace by jewelry designer Eleanor Bolton, which is inspired by her hometown of Brighton.

“It’s impossible not to be inspired by the stories behind the products and where they came from,” says Morris. “We’ve met so many talented people throughout our travels and it’s a great feeling to be able to work with them on another level for Lin Morris.”