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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Band of Outsiders’ 60-hour show, radioactive pottery, the iPad’s fifth wall and more in our weekly look at the web


1. Jessica Walsh for Aizone

New York City designer and artist Jessica Walsh utilizes the human form as her canvas, teaming up with body painter and makeup artist Anastasia Durasova to paint bodies in black and white words and patterns for the Aizone Fall/Winter campaign.

2. Tank Top Types

CH contributor John Ortved turns his love of tank tops into a cheeky sartorial piece for The New York Times, where he calls out five types of guys in NYC by way of their preferred sleeveless summer threads. So, which are you—the Saturdays surfer sipping cold brew on Crosby, the A.P.C.-wearing artisan lurking at Le Baron or maybe just a Warrior of Radness caught in the blogosphere?

3. Fifth Wall App

Part app, part performing arts piece, “Fifth Wall” is an interactive experience from choreographer Jonah Bokaer and 2wice. The video was filmed in a rectangular studio that matches the iPad’s dimensions, and “Fifth Wall” uses the iPad’s accelerometer to respond to changes in orientation and imitate a man trapped in the tablet’s frame.

4. Gamera II

A man-powered helicopter out of the University of Maryland set a new record this week after a 50-second flight. Powered by foot pedals and hand cranks, the achievement is an impractical but significant development in the field of human-powered flight.


5. Radioactive Pottery

From the nuclear disaster site of Fukushima, designer Hilda Hellström molds radioactive earthen pottery. The unusable pottery from unfarmable land may not have a practical purpose, though it goes a long way towards encapsulating the story of Japan’s recent nuclear woes.

6. Menswear, Literally

Asking the question, “What if menswear bloggers took their titles literally?” Four-Pins offers insights on how to properly cross the street with Street Etiquette, finding hidden enclaves with Secretforts and an clever look at the life of stoned Europeans on High Snob.

7. Orbital Angular Momentum

A breakthrough discovery allows record-setting 2.5 TBps data transfers courtesy of Orbital Angular Momentum (OAM). Essentially a new way to package data, OAM crams information into a single stream for fiber-optics and wireless.

8. Iris

In the never-ending effort to make cameras smaller and more intuitive, designer Mimi Zou delivers Iris, an eye-controlled concept camera. Taking the shape of a single lens, the digital camera relies on the user’s eye movements to focus, zoom and even capture images.


9. The Longest Show Ever

The self-titled “Longest Show Ever“, produced by Band of Outsiders, is a 60-hour live-stream of models in a cardboard box that serves as their Spring 2013 menswear presentation. Changing outfits every 90 minutes and playing with various props, the models can be seen staring back at or even taking pictures of passersby.

10. Hèrmes’ Latest Editeur Collection

Hèrmes has commissioned various visionary photographers to have their photos printed on the newest collection of scarves. Most recently, Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto has consecrated his polaroids of natural color projections through a crystal prism as a series for the line.

11. National Geographic National Parks App

Turning their breathtaking photos digital, National Geographic has released an application that is a virtual National Park guidebook to 20 of America’s most-visited parks. The app is loaded with must-sees, local time and weather, a GPS-powered global map, and, of course, Facebook, Twitter, and email integration. The free app makes each park guide available for $1 each.

12. Cyclepedia

Updated just in time for the Tour de France, the Cyclepedia iPad app takes on all relevant aspects of cycling culture. From insightful tutorials to an archive of signed racing jerseys and historically significant track bikes, the comprehensive app seems well worth its £7 price tag.


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