Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Stumptown's bottled cold brew, a letterpress iPad app and Deitch speaks—all in this week's link list


1. Caffeine

German electronic trio
Brandt Brauer Frick recently released this crisply-drawn animation, set to their track “Caffeine.” Berlin-based illustrator Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna co-wrote and -directed the piece.

2. Core77 Design Awards

Taking on I.D.’s annual design awards, Core77 announced last week their plans to celebrate
“excellence, enterprise and intent”
in design with their annual juried competition. The reinvented format tasks judges (of the likes of former I.D. editor in chief Julie Lasky and design writer-slash-curator Aric Chen) to reach out to local colleagues to help weigh-in on submissions spanning 15 categories.

3. LetterMpress

A new iPad app from Bonadies Creative aims to bring the classic art of letterpress to a modern medium. John Bonadies’s Kickstarter project creates a beautiful virtual environment for creating authentic letterpress projects and, designed to almost exactly mimic a real letterpress studio, the app includes multiple steps of the process.

4. Roll & Mix

Designed by Brussels-based Ahsayane Studio, Roll & Mix is a clever multifunctional rolling pin that splits in two. One end holds oil, the other serves as a mortar for grinding and, when joined together, the unit works as a roller for baking.


5. Google Person Finder

Tokyo developer Shu Sigashi had Google’s person finder application running just 2.5 hours after the recent tsunami hit Japan, helping people report the missing using realtime technology.

6. Stumptown Coffee Cold Brew

Available at their Portland, OR location (and hitting NYC soon), the Stumptown Coffee “Cold Brew” bottles present an iced version of the revered West Coast coffee purveyor’s classic blend with design by
Jessie Whipple Vicke

7. Out of Memory

Architect Patrick Tighe carved this polyurethane foam structure based on composer Ken Uen’s music to explore memory. The experiential installation is currently on view at the Southern California Institute of Architecture.

8. Street Wise

MoCA director Jeffrey Deitch tackles the uneasy relationship between institutions and the movement head-on in his first blockbuster exhibit for the museum. Interview magazine helps position the show, pairing both Fred Brathwaite (better known as Fab Five Freddy) and genre impresario Aaron Rose with Deitch for a dual-interview that covers everything from skateboarding and Warhol to Barry McGee and more.