Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Cats on scanners, airline trolleys for home, Google's Amazon river views and more in this week's look at the web


1. Cat Scan

An amazing edition to the Tumblr universe, Cat Scan is a crowd-sourced blog completely dedicated to images of cats on scanners. Be a part of the rampant cuteness and submit your own.

2. Amazon River Street View Project

In attempt to raise awareness about global sustainability, Google plans to create a Street View Map of the Amazon river. Check out this video detailing the project using river boats and specially-designed tricycles.

3. Skypak

Ever wonder what happens to old Airplane food carts? Skypak has found an interesting use for the retired trolleys, repurposing them into home storage units, customizable to all shapes and sizes.

4. The Bicycle Book

Japanese publication 2nd Magazine recently dropped their latest special edition, a comprehensive book of forward-thinking bikes, products and associated style—a great place to look for some Fall biking inspiration.


5. Herzog & de Meuron’s Website

Architizer points out the regrettably behind-the-times design of most architecture websites (riddled with pop-ups and Flash), suggesting that Herzog & de Meuron will hopefully set a new standard with the recent launch of their intelligently-designed site.

6. Behind the Scenes at Pinball Publishing

Take a peek behind the scenes at Pinball Publishing in this video. This inside look showcases the tools and processes involved in printing the fun miniature Scout Books products.

7. Lego Volkswagen T1 Camper Van

Lego collaborated with Volkswagen to create a highly-detailed model of the classic T1 Camper Van. The set, which has everything from window curtains to frying pans, will be available in October.

8. Reflecting The Stars

The Windmill Factory created a beautifully simple interactive project as a method of soliciting donations. Simply find an available star and click to donate and dedicate to family, friends or long-lost lovers.