Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Flying RED cameras, swallowable perfume, a renovated bunker and more in this week's look at the web


1. 5K Red Epic Drone

The guys over at OMStudios got a little creative with the new 5K Red Epic camera. Not satisfied with keeping the camera on the ground, they built a custom radio controlled drone to capture some super high-res aerial shots.

2. Analog Vinyl Sampling

Innovative designer and engineer Ishac Bertran outdoes the modern mash-up with his analog vinyl sampling concept. Laser-cutting LPs with fine precision, Bertran cuts and pastes various records together for surprisingly melodious tracks.

3. Black + Blum

In a charity event for Australia’s Contemporary Design Museum, Top3 asked London-based studio Black + Blum to redesign a Playsam streamliner toy car. The car, with its sharp wooden speed lines is far from child friendly, but will nevertheless serve a good purpose at auction later this year.

4. Sammlung Boros

Beautifully renovated in 2008 by Realarchitektur, Berlin’s Sammlung Boros is a five-story Nazi bunker that is now home to Christian Boros’ amazing collection of contemporary art.


5. Timebox

A new online calendar from the people at Box 1824 in Sao Paulo tracks events in creative industries from around the world. Timebox is created by and for people who try to stay ahead of the curve—something we at CH can relate to.

6. Japanese Higo Knife

We’ve always liked Best Made Company for their couture approach to axe making, so we’re really excited about this new pocket knife produced for Best Made by Japanese manufacturer Miyamoto. Emblazoned with a simple message of “courage,” the slim tool boasts oodles of character with its hand-hammered finish.

7. Swallowable Parfum

Get intimate with your scent by downing a dram of this ingestible perfume. The lipid-based capsule mixes with fat in your body, and gets excreted when the fat is metabolized. Still in the research phase, this product reeks of potential.

8. Occupy Wall Street

Blogger Adam Tetzloff weighs in with a candid evaluation of Occupy Wall Street, stressing the importance of respecting peaceful demonstrations, regardless of the message. If you want to join the Wall Street protests but lack the necessary signage, grab this collection of die-cut stencils from Patrick Thomas.