Teton Gravity Research + GSS C520 Camera System

A look at the world’s most advanced 4K Ultra HD gyro-stabilized camera platform


Always on the pursuit to innovate in the field of outdoor films, Teton Gravity Research announced an exclusive partnership with Gyro-Stabilized Systems to launch the innovative C520 system, the world’s most advanced 4K camera platform. After two years of development, GSS decided on the athlete-driven company because of their credibility and dedication to producing mind melting content across a wide range of interests—from Jeremy Jones’ big mountain snowboarding epic film Further to commercial endeavors with brands like Ford and Apple.

“The GSS C520 is the most highly sophisticated 4K digital cinema system in the world,” says TGR co-founder Todd Jones. To put this in perspective, the Cineflex Elite—which is widely considered the current leading gyro-stabilized system—maxes out at a resolution only slightly higher than 1080p and can only shoot with its native camera. The GSS C520, on the other hand, can shoot nearly four times this, with 4K Ultra HD film speeds that approach the limits of what the human eye can process. It’s also compatible with a range of the industry’s top cameras, such as the RED Epic and Sony F55.

TGR-GSS-Guts.jpg Steve-and-Todd-Jones-with-GSS.jpg

Not only does the camera give TGR freedom in terms of visual production quality, but literal freedom of travel as well. Few know it, but most industry standard systems use military grade gyros, which means lots of red tape when traveling to foreign locations (American crews filming the Olympics in China with the Cineflex needed approval from the White House prior to shooting). The C520 system, however, was engineered entirely by GSS, so it’s free to move around the world without hassle. Often overlooked, this detail is immensely important for a company that routinely films in some of the world’s farthest reaches.

GSS-on-heli_small.jpg TGR-GSS-Guts-with-RED-camera.jpg

While TGR is the sole proprietor of the GSS C520, they have no plans of bogarting the technology. Not only will the GSS elevate TGR’s in-house productions to new heights, they’re hoping it will boost their for-hire work as well. “I believe a camera or camera system should never sit on a shelf. They should be out making movies. We expect the GSS will live in airports and travel the world capturing beautiful imagery, whether for our films and tv shows or for other people’s,” says Jones hinting at the company’s dedication to and passion for videography.

To show the capabilities of the innovative GSS C520, TGR made a short demo reel shot entirely in and around San Francisco. Keep an eye on Teton Gravity Research, as they’re sure to produce more mind melting content in the near future.

Images and video courtesy of TGR