Link About It: This Week’s Picks


1. Felon Fitness

Even Jane Fonda could learn a thing or two from the buff yardbirds featured in the recently published book “Felon Fitness.” Organized by body part, this how-to guide will have you in top form in no time, whether you’re training to fend off knife-toting inmates or just looking to trim down after the holiday food frenzy.

2. Harvard’s Kilobots

Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) has
created a collective of autonomous robots that are capable of swarming behaviors
such as formation, control and synchronization. These quarter-sized
“Kilobots” may have future uses in military reconnaissance or
exploring disaster zones for survivors.

3. Photojojo iPhone Camera Lens Case

Although it may not be the most elegant lens case combo,
the Photojojo iPhone Camera Lens Dial Case provides the
user with three lenses to greatly enhance their phone’s photo capabilities,
while protecting it as well. Combine the wide angle,
telephoto or fisheye with Hipstamatic or Instagram filters and your Tumblr will surely be
trending in no time.

4. Something from Nothing

A group of Swedish physicists test the quantum theory that empty space isn’t truly empty by strategically using a mirror to create light particles from phantom-like photons that would have otherwise disappeared without the manipulated energy. Showing you can actually create something from nothing, for now the energy-intensive process currently lives in the realm of theory—don’t expect synthesized light to brighten the world on a massive scale anytime soon.


5. Bleeding Lights

David Parker’s highly stylized short film “Light” explores the human tendency to exploit nature with a cast of bleeding streetlights and lamps. Shot in LA, Parker offsets the heavy subject matter with a serene ambiance and poetic statement about the future environment.

6. Kamome Sprinter Harley Softail

Built by Warr’s Charlie Stockwell for Japanese label Evisu, this collaborative Harley Softail heralds the motorcycle giant’s glory days with intricate detailing like warm nickel plating, hand-engraved engine covers and selvedge denim trim on the gas tank, break lines, clutch cable and more.

7. Anything Can Fly

Proving their tagline “anything can fly,” the UK travel rewards program Avios tapped agricultural repairman Rupert Brandon-King to put propellers on everything from an eggbeater and a lawnmower to a barbecue grill and a washing machine. This behind-the-scenes video of Brandon-King’s brilliant appliance tinkering with a gang of buddies also shows that there’s a certain degree of actual magic still left in a world of special-effects enhancements.

8. The Wynwood Walls

Those gearing up for Miami’s annual Art Basel extravaganza will want to look to Here Comes the Neighborhood‘s first installment, which focuses on “The Wynwood Walls.” The work of more than a dozen influential artists, “Walls” is a project several years in the making that has transformed factories, loading docks and parking lots into a tightly curated outdoor museum.