Lulan Artisans 11°/17° Textile Competition

A call for design entries of handmade high-quality textiles


Lulan Artisans 11°/17° Textile Competition is an avenue for aspiring textile artists to publicize their craftsmanship and be discovered.

Founded in 2005 by Eve Blossom as a sustainable textile initiative, Lulan produces handmade high-quality textiles using organic and renewable materials while at the same time providing sustainable income to over 650 artisans throughout Cambodia, India, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. Lulan achieves great product diversity through incorporating techniques and styles from the various local artists it supports, creating a fascinating dynamic between American and Asian sensibilities.

11°/17° are the approximate coordinates of Vietnam, where Blossom was first inspired to begin her venture. In this spirit, entries should symbolize a melding of contemporary design and traditional asian weaving techniques.


Entries will be received until October 15, 2009, with winners being awarded $1,500 cash and a place in the 2010 Lulan Collection. Visit the 11°/17° Textile Competition site for more details.