Malfis and More


Miami-based makers of quirky toys Friends With You have been busy as usual. They were recently featured at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami during Art Basel where they debuted The Boy—a new pleather figure that they call "a magical spirit." Currently, they have a solo show at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles that runs through 4 March 2006, and just last month introduced six new plush toys. One of these, a Super Malfi (pictured above, middle) showed up at Cool Hunting HQ and has been amusing passersby since with details like the bellybutton sewn in the center of its pleather squash-shaped body.

The other line of toys, the Burger Bunch, are a group of segmented, modular dolls that include Bumble Grump, Mr. TTT Burger, and Muffin. See a group shot after the jump.

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