Marset Scotch Club Light

A ceramic hanging lamp inspired by the birth of disco


In 1959, having skipped the popular band format to play music on a record player, a local dancehall owner in Aachen, Germany asked a young journalist in the crowd to take over and announce and comment on songs as they were played to entertain an increasingly bored crowd. Thus the first DJ was born at the world’s first discotheque, the now-famous Scotch Club. Inspired by this story, and the even more famous disco ball, Barcelona-based lighting company Marset created the Scotch Club hanging lamp. Released last week in Milan at Salone del Mobile, the ceramic light is the result of the company’s most recent collaboration with Berlin-based design studio Mashallah and ceramicist Xavier Mañosa.

Marset-Scotch-Club-2.jpg Marset-Scotch-Club-terracotta3.jpg

During the design process each iteration was digitally created in Berlin by Mashallah and faxed to Barcelona, where Mañosa would print and construct the paper polygon. The final design—featuring 72 surfaces—was then hand-cast in plaster to serve as the sole mold used for the collection. To finish the globe-like lamps, the interiors are coated in highly reflective white or gold enamel to create a warm, glowing effect when lit, and fired four times using glazes developed specifically for Marset. The labor-intensive process represents a curious clash of craft and technology between computer generation, transmission by the nearly obsolete fax, finished by hand and fired by kiln.

The Scotch Club lamp will be available in white, terracotta, blue or black ceramic exteriors in wall, and ceiling models, as well as three sizes of pendants. For more information visit Mashallah and Marset online.

Images courtesy of Marset