Milan Design Week 2009: 10 Anni con Ettore


Although it has been nearly 16 months since Ettore Sottsass passed at the age of 90, the late maestro's presence continues to be felt during the Salone del Mobile. Galleria Clio Calvi Rudi Volpi mounted a moving exhibition of work produced by Sottsass under collaboration with the gallery during the last ten years of his life. Displayed throughout the upper floors of the Palazzo Crivelli, "10 Anni con Ettore," shows the astonishing breadth, irrepressible creativity and intellectual curiosity that continued so late into Sottsass' life.

To quote from the pamphlet printed on occasion of the show, according to Volpi and and Calvi, "it is not really an exhibition, but a notice, the expounding of a teaching." "Speaking of Ettore is complicated," says Rudi. "To me, besides being an architect or artist, he was first of all a master of life. He had a profound sense of inner measure and a disinterest for mercantile values. Ettore teaches what not to do." (Comments gathered by writer Barbara Radice.)

See the slideshow below for a brief tour of "10 Years with Ettore."