Moroso Banjooli Collection

Brightly colored furnishings made with fishnet and inspired by ostrich mating dances


While the latest in material tech is sure to generate buzz for your brand, sometimes taking a step back and looking to nature will work wonders for inspiring new designs. Italy’s Moroso did just this with the Banjooli Collection, an extension on the colorful chair design announced in 2013. Earlier today at Salone del Mobile 2014, we had the opportunity to see the collection as a whole for the first time. Designed by Sebastian Herkner, the bold, boisterous collection of indoor/outdoor furniture was directly inspired by the male ostrich courtship dance known as “Banjooli” in Wolof—a language native to Senegal, where the birds are often found. Much in the same fashion as the ostrich spreads its feathers to impress, Herkner’s designs dazzle with hand-woven strings made from colorful nets used by Senegalese fishermen. As one would hope, each design is different, lending an extra layer of authenticity to the collection.

The steel-framed sofa, chair and table will be available from Moroso in the coming season. Until then, visit Moroso online to read up on Herkner and have a look back in the CH archives at our Vibrant Furnishings story for more like-minded designs from London Design Festival.

Image courtesy of Moroso