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Three Tech-Forward Backpacks

Currently crowdfunding, these bags are utilitarian and future-forward

Utilitarian and tech-forward backpacks for the daily commuter—or the adventurous, conscious traveler—are a dime a dozen. In order to stand out, brands must design thoughtfully, listen carefully, and work quickly. The ever-changing balance of life, work and travel makes meeting the needs of a contemporary consumer more difficult, but when a brand does it, instant demand is unsurprising.

On Kickstarter, there are plenty of backpacks to browse. The options are countless—made from recycled or future-forward fabrics, built in varying shapes and sizes. These three, though, meet the standards of the aforementioned markets. Peak Design, Heimplanet, and Boundary have all well exceeded their Kickstarter goals with quite a few days remaining—Peak with nearly two months and Heimplanet and Boundary at about two weeks. The campaigns are pretty huge and a typical step in generating hype and interest.

Peak Design’s Travel Backpack

The new Travel Line from Peak Design features the 45L Travel Backpack, camera cubes, a tech pouch (that exhibited incredibly well on its own), a packing cube, and a wash pouch. The pack’s 400d shell is made from recycled plastics, aside from the 900d reinforced bottom. Nearly everything about the pack is customizable to its carrier’s preferences—pockets are movable, all of the aforementioned cubes and pouches are optional and open the pack up for additional, duffel-like volume, and side-zips make habitual storing a breeze. Pledge a minimum of $235 to get one of the packs—and expect it to ship in early December.

Heimplanet’s Transit Line

With plenty of clever features, Heimplanet’s Transit Line boasts a 34L backpack made from 800d Nylon with waterproof YKK zippers and stow-able shoulder straps. The fabric is threaded from two durable fibers and dope-dyed—a method that uses 89% less water, 60% less energy, and 63% less chemicals (compared to traditional dyeing methods). Though the backpack doubles as a messenger/briefcase hybrid, the Transit Line also includes a Rolltop Messenger Bag that tops out at 14L–with additional storage depending on how its rolltop is closed. It’s a more compact cut from the larger backpack—one that also differs in pledge by about $40. All variations in the Transit Line will ship in February of next year.

Boundary’s Errant Everyday Backpack

Geared toward urban commuters, Boundary’s Errant Pack is a durable item. It is all-weatherproof; made from a careful mix of Hypalon and 500d DuraMax Kodra. The bottom of the bag is dually reinforced by both a wet/dry, insulated compartment and another layer of Hypalon. The top of the pack closes magnetically with dual, waterproof zippers underneath. Bypass the zippers for quicker access or lock it up when the weather isn’t right. Another strap on the side of the pack acts as a zipper stop, to allow for access from the top without letting everything inside spill out. The pack is priced at $100 and ships in October.

Images courtesy of respective brands


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