Studio Cheha’s “3D” Reading Lamps

A new, more functional addition to the Tel Aviv-based design studio's collection of optical illusion lights

Ever since creating their first optical illusion lamp—a 3D-looking bulb that’s actually a flat, laser-engraved sheet of acrylic glass—Tel Aviv-based Studio Cheha has continued to play with perception with more fun iterations, from a glowing scene of the galaxy to an eerie silhouette of a skull. The latest design in Studio Cheha’s “Bulbing” collection has just launched on Kickstarter: three functional LED reading lamps with luminous lampshades.

Taking inspiration from classic desk- and table-lamps, Studio Cheha adds more functionality to the magic. “The improvements I made are adding brighter and stronger LEDs and a ‘touch’ dimmer, so you can use the lamp for various uses—from reading a book to ambience lighting,” studio founder Nir Chehanowski tells CH. “I wanted to do a reading lamp so people will have more interaction with the piece, and by using the dimmer they would use the lamp’s functionality more.” He’s proud of his signature optical illusion look, explaining, “I like to put a smile on people’s faces.” The lamps, with a steel base and sleek birchwood arm, certainly are charming—and might even get kids looking forward to doing homework.

Pledge about $70 to Studio Cheha’s Kickstarter campaign to reserve the reading lamp of your choice, with shipping expected by February 2016.

Images courtesy of Studio Cheha