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Nivea Blue Century

The German cream of creams celebrates 100 years with an installation in Milan


Nivea‘s iconic blue tin is the focus of the German brand’s 100th anniversary, a feat they are celebrating in Milan with an imaginative video installation. Designed by Italy’s PianoB studio, the round shape and blue color surround the visitor, in a constant kaleidoscope of sounds, images and the cream’s signature scent.


The exhibition is the latest appearance of the Nivea Lab, a series of events and cultural initiatives aimed to enact the company’s commitment in joining arts and industry.

nivea-milan3.jpg nivea-milan4.jpg

The animated interactive video installation is comprised of hundreds of images and commercials taken from Nivea Italia‘s archives. The event also brought with it a special temporary shop where you can buy classic products as well as some limited editions, and a book about the first century of this “cream of creams.” Nivea Blue Century is on view through 14 May 2011 at Metropol.