NuDown’s Air-Fill Insulation, NuTech

New technology that lets wearers control their level of warmth

Being prepared for all kinds of winter weather is crucial, whether that’s snow in the wilderness or blustery days in the city. Additionally, it’s a season during which the annoying process of removing and adding layers seems to be never-ending. This is where the air-fill insulation of NuDown jackets and vests comes in handy. The technology is simple yet smart: using compressed air as insulation, NuTech (the proprietary air chamber design found in NuDown’s pieces) allows the wearer to control how much warmth they need using an air compression bulb and valve. The system works with just a couple squeezes of the pump for added warmth and a quick release for air expulsion to cool down, like a blood-pressure pump.

Now, after their 2015 launch, NuDown is beefing up their line for fall 2016 which will be introduced at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market and the SIA Snow Show 2016. “NuDown wanted to bring outerwear with clean technology and high performance features to the outdoor industry and consumers,” CEO Bob Hall tells CH. “All fall 2016 styles will have a revamped pump that is smaller and more ergonomic, for increasing and decreasing warmth levels,” he continues. “NuDown redesigned its air chambers with a new pattern resulting in greater flexibility during movement in the abdominal area, and when bending and sitting.”

By adding features such as RECCO reflectors, Polartec Neoshell, and PrimaLoft Gold insulation in sleeves and collars, bamboo-charcoal mesh liners, and helmet compatibilities, NuDown makes an even more exciting statement. These attributes mark their emergence into performance gear—a natural progression for a brand that’s constantly on the look-out for warmth advancements. Altogether, NuDown is shaping up to be a serious contender in the outdoor market.

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Images courtesy of NuDown