NYFU: New York Functional Furniture

Versatile, quality furniture designed for small spaces in big cities

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Inner-city living has a lot to offer: From the excellent range in dining options, to art and culture to just being in a high-energy environment, it’s no mystery why the world’s cities continue to grow and grow. While cities have many pulls, large living spaces is certainly not one of them. The design group at New York Functional Furniture (NYFU) and their forthcoming line is created with the urban living in New York City-size apartments in mind. While many furniture companies focus on the city-dwelling market, NYFU is stepping up their offering with pieces that are multi-purpose, well-built and will look good for years to come. We caught up with the design team to learn more about their inspiration for the collection.


“We all live in New York City and of course all have smaller apartments than those in most other cities,” says chief designer Efe Kababulut, “Every place I’ve lived—from Harlem down to Union Square—has been an inspiration.” Kababulut says there was little in the way of urban furniture that was intelligently designed, high-quality and affordable. All of the brand’s pieces are designed to be used for many purposes—from the ottoman that folds into a chair and then into a guest bed, to the desk that has a surprising amount of hidden storage.


For the NYFU team, affordability, quality and craftsmanship are the key components that set them apart from other urban-minded design pieces. Kababulut comes from a family of industrial designers in Turkey with generations of experience in furniture-making. So when it came time to find producers for NYFU, he didn’t have to look far: “There is a great history of craftsmanship in Turkey and all of the materials are top of the line from Germany, Austria and throughout Europe.” This direct connection to the manufacturing process allows NYFU to keep their prices low and have a more hands-on role in the production process to ensure their products are exactly how they want them. “This is the future of furniture,” Kababulut says. “Designing smart pieces, using the best materials for affordable rates.”

For more information about NYFU check out their website and be sure to enter Neighborhood Challenge—where contestants vote for their favorite neighborhood in New York City—for a chance at a home (or apartment of course) makeover valued at $20,000 including furniture from NYFU, a consultation from an interior designer and a cutting edge television equipped with a Sonos Playbar.

Images courtesy of NYFU