Object_ify 139 + Ace Hotel’s Flag Project

Commissioning nine artists to create designs that represent their ideals, and support their chosen organization

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After collaborating last year in NYC, Object_ify 139 and Ace Hotel have teamed up on a new project that celebrates design, supports activist organizations and explores hopeful and important values for the future. Simply called “Flags,” the endeavor was born from the disappointment of the 2016 US Presidential elections and the consequential protests and overwhelming action from the public. Commissioning nine artists to design a flag that represents their values—many of which they feel are being threatened under the current administration.

Maria Candanoza—the founder of Object_ify 139—says that she’s been interested in exploring flags for a while, but “after going to a few protests in New York the idea developed into this collaboration.” She continues, “In the protests it became apparent that there were several issues that united us. Flags are a symbol of common ideals, so the two just seemed to go together well.”

Calling on artists that she’s worked with and admires, Candanoza says, “I wanted to have different points of view in this as well as different approaches to the actual design of the flag. The result, is I think, diverse in both concept and form.” With designs from Josefina Santos​, to Kristin Texeira​, Zak Jensen​, Monica Ramos​, Erik Freer,​ Dan Abary​, Chiaozza​, Rachel Levit​ and Candanoza herself, the collection is bold, bright and thoughtfully executed. Artists, photographers, art directors, designers and illustrators (many of them more than just one of the above) have come together and expressed their passion for the environment, supporting immigrants and refugees, healthcare for the LGBTQ+ community, and more. But ultimately, the message is one of coming together and joining forces—despite the diverse organizations and causes being supported. Candanoza explains, “Unity of activism and art is one of the good things that the last election revived. I think it has given me a sense of purpose for our projects. The idea is of corse to support these organizations, but also to unite and inspire. It would be great to see them flying outside people homes.”

On display in the lobby of Downtown LA’s Ace Hotel on Saturday, 29 April, the flags will also be available for sale onlineat the Ace shop and Object_ify 139 starting 1 May. Prices vary, but start at $170. From the proceeds of sales, 25% will go to the organization of the artist’s choice.

Images courtesy of Object_ify 139 and Ace Hotel