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Panda Watches

The Kickstarter-born brand introduces sustainable and elegant bamboo watches


Vincent Ko, founder of bamboo-based sunglass company Panda (which initially launched through Kickstarter in 2011), is again on the crowd sourcing platform with a brand new venture. Today, 6 May 2014, sees Panda introduce a unique take on the classic watch design. The new Panda watches may very well be the first to incorporate bamboo in the manufacturing process.


After multiple requests from customers and a year of product development, Ko and his team extended their sunglass concept to watches—a process that happened quite naturally. “Many customers reached out asking for watches,” Ko tells CH. “Watches—like sunglasses—are discussion and standout pieces that help express self-identity.” Using a material as uncommon in watches as bamboo contributes greatly to this, adding a discussion point to one already making a statement.

With Panda watches (which will come in two sizes—small and large), the founder and his team have again placed emphasis on the sustainability of the manufacturing process. All the watches are hand finished of plated zinc alloy, while the bezel and dial parts are made entirely from organic and sustainably-grown bamboo.


Panda watches’ Kickstarter campaign launches today, 6 May 2014. Contribute $99 to the project to score your own watch (to be delivered worldwide in an organic bamboo handcrafted box) that will otherwise retail at over $180 once the project becomes fully funded.

Images courtesy of Panda Watches


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