Pebble Carpet and Long Life Light


Generally, I resent being tricked by household objects masquerading as something they're not. That said, I'm hard pressed to get mad at this unassuming pile of stones. What appears to be solid rock is actually a cushioned wool rug. Each "stone" of the Pebble Carpet is hand-crafted of merino wool and attached with an internal cord. Designed by Ronel Jordaan in Johannesberg, South Africa, the Pebble Carpet is distributed through Be Sweet, a website that aims to bring a wider market to a group of socially-conscious designers.

Another beguiling example is the Long Life Light, which, if not for the tell-tale electrical cord, could be mistaken for a quart of milk. Encased the iconic lampshade is an extended-life bulb, creating a environmentally-sound, fully-functional lamp. It's made by Florence-based design studio Anatomic Factory and debuted earlier this year at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.


The Long Life Light is available in their shop. You can buy the Pebble Carpet on Be Sweet's web boutique. See also: Livingstones