Pixels XL

Change up homes, offices and more with oversized adhesive pixels


One of the highlights at Valencia Disseny Week 2010 was the constantly changing Pixels XL booth, a concept developed by Valencia-based CDRoig design studio.

The square tiles easily attach to the wall, and are just as easily removed to suit any color, mood or event. The genius in the design is its simplicity, flexibility, and ease of use, working well for temporary needs like events or meetings, freshening up rooms in your house, and keeping kids busy for hours at a time. Just about any material can be affixed to the front of the tile—such as aluminum, wood or plastic, making the incredibly simple design applicable to a wide scope of uses.

pixels2.jpg pixels3.jpg

A clear way to graphically communicate or create relevant themes for various office projects without completely changing a space, Pixels XL also encourage creativity within the home.


The patent-pending design adheres without leaving behind holes in the wall or a sticky residue. Not available yet for purchase, contact CDRoig for availability and pricing.