Play Chairs

Two creative furniture concepts for children from Feria Habitat Valencia 2012

At its heart Spanish design is characterized by its playful nature, from bright and lighthearted to gleefully bizarre. Naturally, the pieces we encountered at the Nude platform at Feria Habitat Valencia 2012 geared specifically toward children showcased what the country’s designers do best. The following are two standout designs built for the younger set and the young at heart.

Menut-chair-2.jpg Menut-Chair-3.jpg

Made by Maria Baldo Benac for Menut Estudio, the Thea chair-puppet theater hybrid provides a platform for both perching and launching one’s creativity. The delightfully simple design features storage to house Menut-designed finger puppets under the seat and a cut-out backrest for putting on plays. But that’s not all—the storage base unfolds to a dry-erase whiteboard for kids to draw on with markers. Overall the transformative design encourages creativity and imagination in children while staying simple and compact. Visit Menut Estudio for more information.

Treppich-Ar-1.jpg Treppich-Ar-2.jpg

Resembling the Wailtale that circulated the web earlier this summer, the Treppich-Ar by Spanish design studio Mystery Clients, is a stool that unfolds into a child’s play area. When opened, the plush carpet lays flat in a oblong shape to give children a comfortable place to lay or play. And when play time’s over, the pliable carpet easily folds up on top of the stool, held in place by a single elastic band. The blanket can also be easily removed for cleaning. See Mystery Clients for more information on the Treppich-Ar stool.

Images by Graham Hiemstra